Ania G., Founder, and Director at 360° IMC is a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Wellness Business Strategist, International Speaker and Author of the book Alone in the Crowd – Living well with Endometriosis. With a background in psychology and dedicated to helping others create positive change in their lives on multiple levels while living the best life possible. She is on a mission to change the current flawed healthcare system to a patient-centric, collaborative and integrative model designed towards more accurate diagnosis, reduced recovery time and long lasting results. She is the CEO and Founder of EndoPositive International a global organization serving women suffering from endometriosis, delivering education, solution, and resources for reduction or elimination of pain.

I sat down with Ania on the eve of the opening of the 360° Integrative Medical Centre in Vancouver, Canada, to bring you closer to understanding the challenges of patients of modern medicine and a new vision Ania decided to bring to Vancouver.

How did the idea of creating a medical center come about?

Health is desired regardless of geographical location or financial status. I have traveled the world and saw a wide variety of healthcare systems. I grew up in communism which later transcended to democracy, moved to capitalism and experienced socialism. I have seen countries with no establishment of any healthcare infrastructure as well.

Health and wellbeing are essential to building strong societies globally. Scientists spend countless amount of hours figuring out why we get sick, why we grow old and how to optimize both. Despite high accomplishments in the medical world we encounter more complex diseases than ever before and unfortunately, not all of us are lucky to benefit from the newest discoveries and solutions. In recent years health became a luxury and modern trends of health and wellness market health to VIP’s as they are the only one who can afford the top-notch approach.

“Health is not a luxury, it is an imperative” – Dalai Lama said.

My personal experience with healthcare and medical approach to a problem and a patient urged me to seek the ultimate solution I knew must have existed. I couldn’t agree on a high rate of misdiagnosis, hit, and miss approach. I heard too many ‘maybes’ and ‘let’s try this or that’.

Long diagnose time, long wait time, traveling from one specialist to another, looking for the best doctor in the world, the blame game – all of these aspects made me want to make a dent in the world of health.

I was misdiagnosed for 20 years and the reason for it was – single focus. Relying on one doctor, one opinion, and one pair of eyes. It is not possible for one person regardless of the level of education and experience to know it all, is it? Only after multiple visits with multiple specialists from various modalities of medicine, we managed to crash it! It was an amazing revelation and realization of how integration and collaborative work can successfully work. Hence 360° Integrative Medical Centre, here in beautiful, extremely diverse and multicultural Vancouver. A place where the relationship between patient and doctor is free from ego and full of compassion.

What is Integrative Medicine?

We are integral and connected. Everything within us and around us is systematic. We are complex. Way too complex to be looked at with a single focus. We are symbiotic. Integrative medicine looks at all these diversities together. It doesn’t separate cardiovascular health from brain health, or digestive issues from neurological as they are extremely intertwined. Integrative medicine includes the mind as one of the driving forces, not a separate entity.

In integrative medicine health practitioner and a patient are integrated. They are partners open to dialogue and collaboration. Where the patient plays a crucial role in delivering information which leads to discoveries, which in turn leads to healing.

All modalities are valid, necessary and there is a proper place for them all. Integrative medicine acknowledges both Western medicine with its scientific, top-notch technology used to diagnose, alter, prolong and preserve life as well as ancient modalities such as Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and other traditional methods which have been practiced for centuries as excellent prophylactic healing systems. All of them complement each other and not compete with each other.

What makes 360° Integrative Medical Centre unique?

We are your ultimate one-stop shop. As our name indicates 360° we cover modalities all across the board. From herbs to a sophisticated diagnostic system and more. Most importantly our team of doctors is integrated. A patient doesn’t belong to any of the individual practitioners. We as a team view the patient case collaboratively. The more eyes on you, the more diverse evaluation, wider perspective faster diagnosis. We care about your story as we do believe your biography creates your biology hence we conduct an in-depth interview which we call Patient Discovery Session which helps us get to the root cause of your problem. The disease doesn’t appear overnight, it is a result of a prolonged state of many circumstances and complex events in your life or maybe even life of your ancestors. Getting to the bottom of it requires good communication between the patient and the doctor. You are not just a number, you are a unique being, whose health and wellbeing is our top priority.

What conditions can be treated here?

When you realize that a disease is an outcome of prolonged, extended and complex life circumstances you then understand there is a common root cause to all of the diseases. When you think of a [1]psychosomatic medicine as interdisciplinary medical field exploring the relationships among social, psychological, and behavioral factors on bodily processes and quality of life in humans and animals, you then realize how all in your life can lead either to health or a disease. Type of condition depends on an individual’s predispositions. The weakest link in your body is being attacked by cancer, stroke, depression, heart attack or other.

With that being said in our 360° clinic we treat all the conditions: the chronic one and the acute one. Our practice is integrated on every level. If for some reason our team won’t be enough, our network of doctors locally and worldwide can provide assistance.

Why IV services seem to be so important to you?

Considering today’s deprived gut health IV therapy is most successful in bypassing GI tract and delivering the most nutrients directly to your bloodstream. You do not need to worry then about absorption, quality of the supplements, amount of capsules you need to take, or forgetting about the vitamin intake altogether.

When you are undergoing cancer treatment you are probably already sick and tired of all you need to go through, IV therapy provides an amazing support. It is designed to

your exact needs by your doctor. After a consultation and insight on your health history, the doctor designs IV formula especially for you. It is a dose free from any speculation but the exact formula that works.

From the aesthetic aspect, IV is taking care of matters from the insight out. Anti-aging creams and serums are great, but making sure you are rejuvenated from the insight is crucial to prolonging your glowing skin.

With regular IV therapy, you may quit taking most of the supplements. It is a convenient and extremely powerful shot of nutrients absorbed effortlessly. Finally, it is much more efficient [2]financially considering how much dollars is been spent on supplements globally.

What is your mission for the Centre?

Our mission is to understand the root cause of your illness and address it by integrating a wide variety of modern and traditional medicine as well as complementary practices that help you heal faster and better and on all levels: physical, emotional and spiritual.

To what do you attribute your success?

I attribute it to all the great minds who impacted the way I look at healthcare. They helped me understand what it takes to provide help for needing ng individual who doesn’t only suffer from health condition but from the weight of it itself. But they also helped me understand what it is to be the doctor whose responsibility is first not to harm than to treat the conditions. Both of the sides are very complex and can only work well together when properly understood. “Nothing can be judged before it is understood” – Leonardo da Vinci said.

My biggest tribute goes to Dr. Preeti Agrawal who was a turning point in my health and wellness career. When I visited the center created by Dr. Agrawal, I knew right away I wanted to follow her footsteps. For the first time in my life I saw and experienced the ultimate integration from the inside out. [3]IMC Wroclaw is what you can call health care not sick care. It’s a sophisticated Oasis where you ga et simplified solution to very often extremely complex circumstances. Simply put: PERFECT. Dr. Preeti Agrawal creates ed universal network with both doctors and patients worldwide. Everyone can get help, despite of a complexity of an issue.

360° IMC in Vancouver is a sister project.

Another tribute goes to [4]Prof Li Jie, TCM who mastered integration of modalities and educates both patients and health practitioners worldwide. His superb in-depth insight and zeal to preserve life and zest for life are both fascinating and amusing.

I owe the tribute to those who have been with me from the beginning of my discovery journey as thanks to them, I arrived to this beautiful destination. My vision had materialized. I am grateful for those who have supported me all the way and in every way to make this happen.

I believe an organic vision as such which is meant to contribute to human well-being would have materialized eventually, but without all these people it would have been much harder and would have taken much longer.

I am filled with gratitude to have you all with me in this fascinating project that will touch and change many people’s lives.

What did you look for while assembling your medical team?

My clinic needed: qualified, experienced, dedicated, passionate, free from ego, integrated, driven, curious and open minded individuals. All of which had to end with being compatible, not competitive. 360° Dream Team: Patient Focused.

What is behind the orange color?

 Orange stands for creativity, growth, learning, pleasure, sense of vitality and aliveness. It promotes a good mood and gives a sense of general wellness and emotional energy that should be shared, such as compassion, passion, optimism and warmth. I wanted people who walk into our clinic to feel that this is a safe, warm place that promotes wellbeing.

What made you choose your current location?

We are located on 3012 Kingsway which is the main street, very busy and conveniently located between well-known and highly populated Metrotown only 8 min away, and Downtown Vancouver only 12 min drive. We are on the main intersection with Rupert Street, corner location so you really cannot miss us. For those who do not drive we are close to Joyce station Skytrain, only 10 min away walking distance, and the bus stops right in front of the doors of the clinic. We also have a complimentary parking which is hard to find in the city. We wanted your comfort of not having to watch time meter and rush-out to make it on time. The entrance to our garage parking lot is from the corner of Rupert Street. Stressless communication and convenience was the deal breaker.

Do you offer any medical services to people outside of Vancouver?

Borders are man-made and distance is within one click. 360° is about creating global health movement and impact hence telehealth is one of our hottest features. With today’s technology of being able to do video calls, voice calls and transfer all the files, Vancouver is only a geographical location with the global reach worldwide. We have worked with many patients from different destinations and anticipate to cultivate this powerful way of reaching out and providing solutions.

During our very first conversation, you’ve stated your desire to change the way women in pain were treated across the globe. Today, you extended this desire to all humankind. On behalf of all of us involved in this project, including all of our patients, I would like to wish you great success in helping people live a quality life in good health.







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